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Best Gynecologist in Gurgaon

Pregnancy & Normal Delivery
PCOD, Fibroid, Ovarian Cyst, Endometriosis & Infertility
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Success Stories

“Dr Deepika Tiwari- Gynecologist & Obstetrician- Sr. Consultant- Cloudnine Hospital, C K Birla Hospital, Fortis, Cradle, Artemis Hospital, Gurgaon”

WHAT OUR PATIENTS’ SAY… more than just words !!

She is a best Gyne I ever experienced…Before meeting with Dr. Deepika, I have consulted with few other gyne who are just professional with their patients however Dr Deepika is out of the world I would say, she not only listen everyone very patiently n calmly and give personal touch to all..i am a mother of two daughters n way she handled by both deliveries, are just spite of so many complications she managed so well and give her o/s support all the time..Usually I have seen so many cases where patients wants normal delivery but doctors threaten them with so many issues n complications n patients has to agree for C sec but Dr Deepika only prefer to do normal deliveries n tries her best till the end. I would recommend everyone to consult this doctor n get best advice all the u doctor😘😘 MONIKA AHUJA
Recently Delivered a baby girl via normal delivery.
Found Dr. Deepika via google for a general checkup. Her aura, knowledge sharing, polite, way she presents herself is so nice that I was convinced I wanted this doctor for my pregnancy term.
During the whole term, she was approachable, remembered all my details before I visited her.
She was extra caring at the time of delivery and made late night calls to ensure I had all the comfort.
My delivery was super comforting. I have already referred friends to Deepika and would vouch for her.
If you are visiting this doctor soon, be assured you are in good hands 👍 SWATI WADHWA
I was blessed with a baby girl three months back. The way Dr. Deepika handled my entire pregnancy and delivery was commendable. She never asked for unnecessary tests/scans.She was always available for all my queries. She definitely has a personal touch with her patients. She was always positive in her approach and helped me steer through my pregnancy in a most convenient manner. I would really recommend everyone to refer to her. VEENA NAINAR
Dr Deepika is very patient, competent and cordial doctor. It’s so rare these days to have normal delivery but she gave me confidence that we can have one if i pay heed to her advice regarding nutrition and otherwise. We are really thankful to her for our healthy and happy baby. She is so jovial in nature that I didn’t get pregnancy blues or post natal blues. NEHA
You are the perfect example to be a doctor with positive, friendly and encouraging attitude. That gave me strength entire my pregnancy period and felt everything is normal every time i visit the clinic. Thank you for attending our phone calls every time and for the treatment. Finally, big thanks for normal delivery and the encouragement you have shown. This is all needed to be moms from a doctor. SOWMYA SIMHACHALAM
We are glad that we met Dr Deepika Tiwari. She truly deserves all appreciation and accolades. She is very experienced, calm and friendly in nature. The best thing about her is how she focuses on natural birth. During the entire tenure of pregnancy she motivated my wife to stay active and eat healthy. She also goes in for minimal medications and testing and believes that a natural process like pregnancy needs no intervention unless really required. She has been patient in answering questions. Would definitely recommend her! SONU RANA
Visited Dr. Deepika in the year 2017 , when my wife was pregnant and she was part of HCL Healthcare. She was fabulous the way she cared my wife for the first seven month of pregnancy and was very friendly with two of us and treated her as if we were part of her family. We could not get the delivery from Dr. Deepika as my wife had to move to home town but i will recommend her to everyone for the way she treats all patients as family. Doctor-Par-Excellence ! PARISHRUT
We Consulted Dr. Deepika for entire 9 months of my pregnancy, we finally blessed with a healthy baby girl on Dec 6th by normal delivery under the supervision of Dr. Deepika.
From the starting Dr. Deepika guided us for healthy mother will have a healthy baby concept.
In this entire period, I feel blessed with the support, guidance, care and the empathy of Dr. Deepika, she is an angel. I recommend her to all my friends and relatives.
Whenever I visited Dr. Deepika I felt a new positivity and my energy level automatically gone up, In the beginning of my pregnancy there were times when I feel very nervous and low and I will give Dr. Deepika all the credit for giving me the strength, positivity and utmost care, she treats all her patients like a family member and gives all great advises with a big smile.
I strongly recommended all to be moms to visit Dr. Deepika. Thank you. RENU
I am 13 days late to share my feedback for Deepika Ma’am as was busy with my 13 days old baby boy….
From day 1 knew about my pregnancy , I was under her consultation and in all 9 months every visit was extremely positive, I actually enjoy visiting her as she was the source of motivation during my pregnancy.
I was very much confident for normal delivery but in the 9th month I came to know there were 2 loops of umbical cord around baby’s neck, somewhere I lost hope for a normal delivery but ma’am asked to wait as she was having the hope that at least one chord might get untangle. As a result in my 38th week one chord gets untangle and d day came …… The pain was unbearable and I just want to get rid out of it . The moment I saw her I asked her to do whatever she wants to do but get me out of the pain …. I also ask her to give me pain free but unlike other doctors she thinks with the patient point of view not as a typical professional…. She gave me confidence that normal delivery can happen easily and there is no need for pain free as the head is almost down and taking pain free can postpone the delivery by 2-3 hours ….. I remember my labour room time period as soon as I heard her saying i can see the head I started pushing and it was just 30 min in the labour room and I delivered a cute baby boy…. My all thanks to Deepika Ma’am….the concern she showed in all my 9 months journey …. all love and affection she showed and all the care weather it’s an emergency check up in the hospital or anything else.
I went to see the doctor with much stress , but after the conversation with her I felt so much healed and relaxed . She did not ask me for any unwanted tests neither scared me about health instead she gave me feeling of relaxation and calmness . More than the medicines a doctor’s words heals and that’s what happened with me after meeting doctor Deepika.
Highly great full to her. POONAM
We visited for our third attempt after two mishaps in life. In Pregnancy the most important thing is guidance, positive attitude. Despite of too many complications Dr Deepika guided me and my wife properly in a very positive way with her sweet gesture. Finally we won the battle got our baby girl delivered by her in such a positive way that I am really grateful to her. Thank you mam for being a very good friend, philosopher and guide of us. BIVAS PAUL
A fantastic 9-Month journey under Dr. Deepika’s supervision, from start till healthy twin baby girl delivered on 19th June. Highly recommend her for calm & mature behavior, round the clock support and her empathy at every point. PARAMJEET
1. She is very Friendly in a good way.
2. She gives all advises with a smile which helps you to take it well and even help to ask any question to the doctor.
3. She helps patient to understand things in layman language even the most complicated terms. It gives you whole info. Why test should happen? What patient needs to do or prepare? What would be the outcome.
4. She is a good doctor and always provides time when you require.
Dr. Deepika Tiwari is one of the rarely found doctors in today’s world and I really appreciate the way she handles my wife’s concern. She hears out the concern of the patient very well and found her extremely supportive during the consulting sessions. Thank you, Doctor 🙂 AMAN CHOUDHARY
We had a wonderful experience with Dr. Deepika Tiwari. During my wife’s pregnancy we found that Dr. Deepika Tiwari is the best Gynecologist in Gurgaon . I will really thank her the way she handled my wife’s pregnancy having some complications. Also the medical care she has given to my wife after Cesarian delivery was awesome. KHEM CHANDRA
A special thanks to my gynaecologist, Dr. Deepika Tiwari for being so amazing throughout my pregnancy, to be honest, I have not been the easiest patient!! I am frightful and ask way too many questions. She answered all my questions in great detail and with tremendous patience. From advice ranging from medical to lifestyle to hints and tips, Dr Deepika was always available to help and share. She is personable, compassionate, and extremely thorough in her approach to medicine and her speciality in gynecology. Its a joy to know you. May you be blessed forever. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for a superior gynaecologist,. ANKITA GARG
Dr Deepika Tiwari is the best doctor I have ever met. I am really thankful to her the way she handled my pregnancy there were many issue with my pregnancy, however she always gave me positive consultation and made me feel happy and stronger. Now I am blessed with a baby girl last month. She is one with positive attitude towards everything and makes her patients comfortable. It doesn’t matter to her if it’s a day or night she is always there whenever her patients need her (There were times when she came to hospital in mid night to visit me). My mom in law is very impressed and thankful to her. We have recommend Dr Deepika to my sister in law as well…. Thank you soooooo much Dr. for all the luv and care. USHA ZALPURI
Great doctor, you can say the best gyno in gurgaon we were trying to conceive from last approx one year but it was not working. We visited Dr and result was unbelievable my wife conceive within three months after Consultation. I am glad to say that recently blessed with a baby girl. Dr is professional and always in a good mood while Consulting i suggest any couple having any issue should visit her. LALIT PAL
Hello everyone…I recently gave birth to a beautiful baby boy and all the credit goes to Dr Deepika Tiwari..The baby had a loop of chord around the neck but it was only because Deepika Mam gave strength to our family that I was able to have a normal delivery…the way she handled my case was excellent…she was available any time of the day to answer any queries even on a phone call…made me feel like her little sister…whenever we visited her she always came out of her cabin to meet my parents…never suggested unnecessary test.. in all she was like an angel for our family..Thank you so much Mam.. RUNJHUN AGARWAL
Dr. Deepika Tiwari is the best Gynaecologist & Pregnancy doctor in Gurgaon. She listens to patients carefully and always give best advice. She is very polite and friendly in nature and always care patients like a family member. MANISHA MUHAL
Dr Deepika is the best doctor i have ever met in my life…. she handled my both pregnancies with utmost care n personal touch……i recommend dr deepika to everyone….very loving and down to earth personality….luv u mam….thx for all u did for me…LALITA AGARWAL

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