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    Endometriosis Treatment in Gurgaon

    Endometriosis is a condition where endometrium, tissue from the lining of the uterus, forms and grows in places outside the uterus. These growths may lead to pain and infertility. Up to 50% of women who have endometriosis may experience infertility.

    Endometriosis is thought to be involved in 30% of infertility cases, and between 30 to 50% of women with endometriosis experience infertility.

    Besides infertility, some women with endometriosis deal with painful periods and painful sexual intercourse, among other symptoms like  Painful Menstrual Cramps, General Pelvic Pain, Painful Sexual intercourse, Heavy Menstrual Flow, Depression, Fatigue etc. Some women experience no symptoms and discover the endometriosis only after an infertility evaluation.

    The only way to confirm a diagnosis of endometriosis is with diagnostic laparoscopic Surgery.  This is a procedure that involves making a small incision in the abdomen, through which the surgeon inserts a tube with a special camera and, if needed, small surgical instruments. Usually performed under GA.

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