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    Excessive or Prolonged Menstrual Bleeding- Menorrhagia

    Menorrhagia is defined as menstruation at regular cycle intervals but with excessive flow and duration. Clinically, menorrhagia is defined as total blood loss exceeding 80 mL per cycle or menses lasting longer than 7 days.

    Young patients, from menarche to the late-teen years, most commonly have anovulatory bleeding due to the immaturity of their hypothalamic-pituitary axis.
    Women aged 25-50 years may have organic or structural abnormalities. Uterine Fibroidsor polyps are frequent findings.
    Postmenopausal women with any uterine bleeding should receive an immediate workup for endometrial cancer.
    Pregnancy should be excluded before further testing or medications are advised.

    Other differential diagnoses must be kept in mind while assessing a patient with menorrhagia
    Investigations : Pelvic ultrasound is the best noninvasive imaging study to assess uterine shape, size, and contour; endometrial thickness; and adnexal areas.

    Successful treatment of chronic menorrhagia is highly dependent on a thorough understanding of the exact etiology. Treatment must be individualized based on the cause of bleeding.

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