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Dilatation & Curettage- It a minor procedure done under short anaesthesia, wherein the cervix is dilated and uterine cavity curettage done gently. Often performed as a day-care procedure. Performed by the Gynaecologist in cases of Missed or Incomplete Abortion, Excessive menstrual bleeding, etc. When this procedure is performed for Incomplete or missed abortion, it is preferably done under Ultrasound guidance.

In Hysteroscopy , a small scope with a mounted camera is introduced through the cervical canal, to visualize the Uterine cavity. It can be done both as a diagnostic procedure or operative procedure in cases of Polyps, Fibroids, Uterine Septum, & Uterine Adhesions. Performed under short GA or spinal anaesthesia depending upon the duration of procedure.

hysteroscopy & laparoscopy

Colposcopy- It is an out-patient procedure which can be performed without anaesthesia. It is usually a diagnostic procedure reserved for abnormal findings on PAP smear, or obvious lesions on the cervix.

Laparoscopy is a minimally invasive surgery performed under GA . It involves making key holes for entry of portable scopes with camera and instruments in to the abdominal cavity.

Common Indications:
Ovarian Cyst
Fibroids Uterus
Diagnostic Laparoscopy
Ectopic Pregnancy

Advantages for Laparoscopic surgery is – Early wound healing, Short Hospital Stay, Less Blood loss & Less Post-operative pain

Abdominal & Vaginal Hysterectomy, is an alternative to Laparoscopic surgery in cases of-
Huge Fibroids or Cysts
Previous Surgery
Adhesions around the primary lesion
Invasive Gynaecological Tumors

Patient of Prolapse Uterus usually presents with heaviness in lower abdomen with feeling of something coming out per vaginally . Usually it is associated with rectocele & cystocele & in postmenopausal usually a vaginal hysterectomy with antero-posterior repair of pelvic floor is done, however in young (less common) women there are various sling surgeries which are available depending on the extent of prolapse.
Patient usually presents with something coming out per vaginally, difficulty in evacuating urine completely & constipation, this is the result of pelvic floor weakening. In this surgery we strengthen the pelvic floor.